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Tattoo Love Symbols

Hearts and the word love are very popular in tattoo designs.

Many people like to display their feelings for another human being by getting a tattoo. This may be in the form of script depicting the word "Love" in various forms or as a symbol representing love, like the heart or chinese letters.

Body ink has become extremely popular over the last decade and tattoos can be seen on people of all ages.


Here are some cool tattoo designs that signify love.

Love Tattoo Symbol

love tattoo

This is a very artistic tattoo, the word love is often used as a tattoo.







Heart Tattoo Symbol

heart tattoo symbol

The heart is often used as a symbol of love, the heart tattoo is very popular for people who like tattoos.

Heart tattoos are frequently chosen by women and sometimes include the name of a loved one incorporated in the design.

A heart tattoo may be chosen as a tribute to someone, close to the individual, who has passed away





Heart Tattoo

heart tattoo

This winged heart tattoo has a banner across the heart where the name of your loved one, perhaps you Mom or your girlfriend, can be displayed.

You may want to think very carefully before you have your girlfriend's name tattooed on your body in case the relationship does not last. It could cause you some embarrassment down the road!



Japanese Love Symbol

japanese love symbol

This is the main symbol for Love in Japanese.

The Japanese symbol for love is very artistic and on trend at the moment. You will see this symbol displayed in jewellry, decorative items, and body art.

This symbol of love is a great way for couples to express their love and affection for one another.




Chinese Symbol for Love

chinese symbol for love

This is the main Chinese symbol that symbolizes love. Many people get this symbol tattooed on their bodies.

This chinese symbol brings love and good luck.




Doves with Heart Tattoo

dove tattoo








Live Laugh Love Tattoo Symbol

live laugh love tattoo