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Peace and Love Symbols

Throughout the centuries there have been several peace symbols which symbolize love and peace rather then hate and war.

This page features the most widely used peace symbols throughout the world to support peace, love, and pacifism.






Peace Sign Symbol

peace sign symbol

This is the internationally recognized symbol for peace, it was originally designed for the British nuclear disarmament movement by Gerald Holtom in 1958. The peace symbol spread and was adopted by the wider anti-war movement. It became known in the United States in 1958 when Albert Bigelow, a pacifist protester, sailed a small boat fitted with the CND banner into the vicinity of a nuclear test.

Olive Branch Peace Symbol

olive branch

The use of the olive as a symbol of peace dates at least to the 5th century BC. The symbol of the olive branch was used by early Christians and was later adopted as a secular symbol. It was popularised by Pablo Picasso in 1949 and became widely used in the post-war peace movement.

Pax Cultura Symbol

pax cultura symbol

Also known as Roerich's peace banner. Nicholas Roerich (1874 - 1947) was the founder of a movement to protect cultural artifacts, whose symbol, a maroon on white emblem consisting of three solid circles in a surrounding circle, has been used as a peace banner.

Broken Rifle Symbol

broken rifle symbol

The broken rifle symbol is used by War Resisters' International (WRI) and its affiliates but predates the foundation of WRI in 1921. The first known example of the symbol is in the mast-head of the January 1909 issue of De Wapens Neder (Down With Weapons), the monthly paper of the International Antimilitarist Union in the Netherlands.

Peace Flag Symbol

peace flag symbol

The international peace flag in the colours of the rainbow was first used in Italy on a 1961 peace march from Perugia to Assisi organised by the pacifist and social philosopher Aldo Capitini (1899 - 1968). The flag commonly has seven rainbow-colored stripes with the word "Peace" in the center. The use of the flag became widespread with the Pace da tutti i balconi ("Peace from every balcony") campaign in 2002, a protest against the impending war in Iraq.

Dove Peace Symbol

dove peace symbol

The dove appears in many funerary inscriptions in the Roman catacombs, sometimes accompanied by the words in pace (Latin for "in peace"). In the earliest Christian art, the dove represented the peace of the soul rather than civil peace, but from the third century the dove began to be shown in situations of conflict such as Daniel and the lions, the three young men in the furnace, Susannah and the Elders and Noah and the Ark.

Peace Hand Sign

peace hand sign

This gesture made with the hand symbolizes peace and was popular in the 60's to promote peace during the Vietnam War.