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Chinese Love Symbols

Many people like to know the symbol for Love in Chinese.

There are several symbols that relate to love and the feeling of love.

Some people like to get a tattoo with a Chinese symbol that symbolizes love, eternal love, or Soul Mate, or Passion.

This page features many of the most popular chinese love symbols.


Chinese Symbol for Love

chinese symbol for love

This is the main Chinese symbol that symbolizes love. Many people get this symbol tattooed on their bodies.

This chinese symbol brings love and good luck.




Chinese Symbol for 'I Love You Mom'

i love you mom

This chinese symbol stands for and means I love you Mom.



Chinese Symbol for Friend

People often love their friends, so that is why we considered adding this Chinese symbol for friendship.

You can check out other symbols of friendship on our friendship symbols page



Chinese Heart Symbol

chinese heart symbol

This symbol means Heart in Chinese.





Eternal Love Symbol

eternal love chinese

This is the chinese symbol for "Eternal Love"




Chinese Symbol For Soulmate

Soul Mate Symbol







Chinese Symbol For Passion

Chinese Symbol for Passion

This is the Chinese Symbol that means "Passion"